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Vezi Politica de confidentialitate (in romana)


All contents of the parts catalogues contained herein are both copyrighted and confidential and are solely for the purpose as a guidance to CFMOTO dealers and end-users for the purpose of selecting and purchasing of genuine CFMOTO parts for the service and maintenance of CFMOTO products. Any use of this information `outside of the purpose for which access was granted, and in particular any use of this information for reverse engineering or in competition with CFMOTO, is expressly prohibited.


Authentic Spirit (with its registered office in Cluj-Napoca, no. 83 Bucuresti street, ap. 12, Cluj county, registered at the Trade Register Office attached to Cluj Tribunal under no. J12/3846/2004, unique registration code 16884795) is an operator meant to send personal data through this website. 

We comply with personal data privacy of the natural persons we come in contact with. Our organizational policy and procedure comply with the internal and Community legislation in force. 

These procedures might suffer from subsequent amendments, which is why we recommend you to verify them regularly.  We retain the right to amend any time this informative document, without prior notification in this respect. 

We process only relevant natural persons’ personal data, limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes they are processed for. 

We process personal data in the form and content provided by you, without operating any modification, unless you express your request and consent.

An exception is represented by those situations which indicate differences in the documents you provide or in the pieces of information from public sources, possibly after you confirm their existence. Thus, we request prudence from you when filling in your personal data.

1. Collecting your data 

Your data is collected in the following situations:

1.1. When visiting our website  

We use cookies to identify you when you visit our website. 

We process the following data about your computer and about your visits and views on this website (IP address, location, browser type and version, operating system, recommendation source, duration of the visit, page views and navigation channels of the website).

Cookies do not retain personal data such as your name or bank details. These only provide us information after you logged in or they make the connection between the information on the navigation and personal data when you choose to register for a service or for a newsletter.

In order to be used, cookies themselves do not require personal data information and, generally, they do not identify Internet users personally.   

Using certain type of cookies is necessary for online magazine-websites, as without them your order cannot be saved and the phases or ordering online products or services cannot be completed (thus, your data cannot be transferred from one Internet page to another). 

Cookies are also used to provide you a better navigation experience and services adjusted to your needs and interests. 

Performance cookies are used to analyze the website operation mode and how it could be improved. These do not collect information that might identify you as the data is anonymous.   

Functional cookies help you to improve your experience. These are strictly related to our website and can register the modifications you made on the website.   

You can choose to block or to allow using these cookies, but blocking them can prevent providing you several services. Is it also possible that blocking them precludes us to remember that you wanted or not a certain service.     

You can configure your browser to reject cookies files or to accept cookies from a certain Internet page. 

Regularly, these settings are made in the "options"/"preferences" section of your browser. 

Refusing or disabling cookies, especially targeting/advertising ones does not mean that you will not receive online ads any longer, but they will not be adjusted any more to your preferences and interests highlighted by the navigation behavior.  

1.2. When you directly provide it to us 

Generally, your data is collected voluntarily, and so you can control the date you provide us. In case you no longer wish to provide us any information about you, we will not be able to provide you the goods and services covered by our activity.  

As an example, we receive information from you thus:

a. When you create an account: you send us your e-mail address and your name 

You can register on our website through your Facebook account. 

If you choose this, you will be directed to a Facebook-administrated page, where you will be informed about their data privacy policy. We do not hold nor are we responsible for personal data processing in this circumstance.  

We collect your data through many websites, depending on your interest:

b. When you subscribe to notifications you provide us your e-mail address and your name 
c. When you make an order:  you provide us, where appropriate, the features of the desires product, e-mail address, invoicing details, delivery address, contact number, PIN.

We do not collect you bank data, as our services and goods are paid at delivery to the courier. 

d. When you submit a request/ complaint or e-mail or call us from various reasons: you provide us the data you consider necessary.

1.3. When you indirectly provide it to us 

Your personal data can be delivered to us indirectly by other operators, entities that already have your data (i.e.: Facebook). 

This is also influenced by your confidentiality settings from other websites or personal data operators. 

1.4. When data is public and it was delivered to us in accordance with the provisions of the law in force. 

As an example: the natural person’s name, general manager in a company, is a public information which can be verified anytime.

2. Collected data

We do not process sensitive personal information, such as: medical condition, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. 

3. Data about minors 

We do not knowingly process personal data of persons under 16.

If from the data provided we discover you are under 16, then your data will be deleted after operating the required service. 

4. Purpose and grounds for processing personal data 

a. Processing your data is necessary for meeting the orders or to take the steps towards meeting them 

Processing your data is imposed by legal (civil, fiscal, etc.) provisions which set the binding elements of an agreement, of a fiscal invoice, estimate or any other document signed or to be signed with you.

b. Data processing is necessary for meeting the requests/claims/complaints you submitted to us, such as complying with your right to return products or with the right to warranty or other similar situations in which your future identification as a purchaser is in your interest.
c. Processing your data is necessary for fulfilling a legal obligation imposed upon us 

As an example: the obligation to archive financial accounting documents (agreements, fiscal invoices, etc.), the obligation to financial reporting, the obligation to prevent financial fraud and money laundering.

d. Processing your data is necessary for satisfying our legitimate interests 

We will make sure in advance that our legitimate interests are equal and that they do not unjustifiably and disproportionately influence other persons’ rights. 

As an example: in order to improve your website navigation experience (on any of the sites we administrate), for audit/our costs administration in accordance with the legal or contracting provisions, for our activity optimization for organizational purposes. 

e. Processing your data is necessary for fulfilling a task which serves public interest or which results from exercising public authority such as, for instance, the cases where, based on a law and complying with a procedure, an authority demanding information on customers and/or products purchased from us

f. Processing your data is necessary for communicating with you 

As an example: in order to confirm your order, to reply your messages, complaints, etc. 

g. Processing your data based on an expressed consent 

Personal data which goes beyond the above mentioned purposes (a-g) shall be processed only with your consent. 

In order to send you online communications such as: newsletters, notifications about our promotions, we will ask for your consent. 

5. Personal data security 

Your data is processed only by the staff trained for this purpose.  

Our collaborators shall be also responsible for personal data processing in accordance with the legal provisions in force. 

6. Duration of data processing 

We will process and store your personal data as long as necessary in order to achieve the above mentioned processing purposes. For example, when your data is collected for products sale, the legal period of time required for storing several financial accounting documents (the invoice issued on your name) is the same with the storage and processing period of time of personal data. Similarly, if we interact with you only to insure the products warranty (for example a situation in which you did not purchase the product from us, you inherited it or you bought it from an initial seller during the warranty period of time), we will process your personal data only during the warranty period of time unless you explicitly expressed your consent to act differently.   

Therefore, after achieving the purposes it was processed for, your data will be deleted from our register. 

7. Personal data disclosure

We can send your collected personal data to websites administrated also by us, for the above mentioned purposes.  

We send your personal data to other entities only based on a legal obligation imposed on us and based on several contracting clauses, to our business partners (e.g.: transportation services provider, payment services, IT services, marketing services for products we market, insurances, etc.).

8. Your rights 

8.1. The right to information, respectively the right to receive details on our activities regarding personal data processing, according to those listed in this document;  

8.2. The right to access your data, respectively the right to obtain our confirmation on your personal data processing, as well as details on the processing activity such as the manner in which data is processed, the purpose of processing, the recipient or categories of data recipient, etc.;

We will process your request within no more than 15 days from the decision, provided that the requested information is included in the category you have access to, and only after we successfully confirmed your identity. 

8.3. The right to rectification, respectively the right to obtain inaccurate/unjustified personal data correction, without unjustified delays, as well as incomplete data addition; 

Personal data rectification/ addition will be communicated to you, unless this proves to be impossible or it involves unequal efforts. 

8.4. The right to data deletion, without unjustified delays, („the right to be forgotten”), in case one of the following reasons apply:

a. it is no longer needed to achieve the purposes it was collected or processed; 
b. in case the consent is withdrawn and there is no other legal ground for processing. 

Please make sure that before exercising this right you download from or save in any way into your account all the documents related to the orders made to us (i.e. fiscal invoices, warranty certificates).

In case you do not make these steps, you will lose this information, because the personal data deletion from our database is irreversible.  

c. in case the person concerned opposes the processing and there are no legal grounds to prevail;
d. in case personal data was illegally processed;
e. in case personal data must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation;
f. personal data was collected in relation to providing your informational company services according to the Community law or to the national law which the operator is subject to.

It is possible that, following a request for deletion of your personal data, anonymizing the data (thus without being thus personal data), to continue working under these conditions for statistics and research.

8.5. Right to restrict processing to the extent that:

a. challenge the accuracy of data over a period of time which allows us to check the data accuracy;
b. the processing is illegal, and you request restriction on data usage instead of deleting it;
c. we no longer need your personal data but you request it for the establishment, exercise or defense of a legal court;
d. you opposed processing (other than direct marketing data), for the period of time that we check if our legitimate rights prevail over those of another person.

8.6.  The right to data portability, respectively:

a. the right to receive personal data in a structured way, regularly used and in a readable format
b. the right to have such data to be transmitted to other data operators, to the extent that the provisions stipulated law are fulfilled;

8.7. The right to opposition:

a. anytime you can oppose your personal data processing, unless the prevailing public interest or our legitimate interest in data processing, as mentioned above; 
b. at any time, free of charge and without any justification, you can prevent that your personal data is processed for direct marketing.

8.8.  The right not to be subject to an automated individual decision, namely the right not to be subject to a decision only on the basis of some automated processing activities, including profiling.

8.9.  The right to address the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or the competent courts.

Contact details of the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing can be found at the following address:

Without affecting in any way the right to address directly the competent institutions, please contact us in advance and we assure you that we shall endeavor to solve any problem amicably. 

For any questions about how your personal data is processed and/or to individually or together exercise the rights mentioned above, or to manage your personal data, please refer to the following contact data:

phone/ fax: 0730909966
address: Floresti town, No. 492-500 Avram-Iancu street, Cluj county